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Design a Custom Cushion

Thank you for choosing Cushion Pros to create your custom cushions.

Our website has been engineered to be user friendly.  Follow the step-by-step process to design your custom cushions.  Your selections and price will be displayed in the grey design summary box to the right.  Simply press [add to cart] after you have completed the design process.

Easy steps:

  1. Furniture Type (bench cushion, chair cushion, chaise cushion, custom template cushion, etc.)
  2. Shape (squared, rounded, trapezoid, circle, etc.)
  3. Dimensions entered (Width: side to side, Depth: front to back, Thickness: top to bottom, etc.)
  4. Fabric (more than 1200 patterns to choose from, as well as COF)
  5. Style (boxed, double corded, etc.)
    1. if you select cord, what fabric?
  6. Fasteners (Velcro, ties, or steel snaps)
  7. Filling type (foam, densified)
    1. Polyester wrapping

Step 1: Custom Furniture Type

Select the furniture type for your custom cushion design by clicking on one of the six options below. Your selections will be displayed throughout the process in the grey Design Summary box to the right.

After making your selection, continue scrolling down to the next step.

Step : Purchase Cushion Filling Only.

  • Filling only – Click here to purchase cushion filling only if you have your own cushion covers.
  • Continue designing process - Click here to continue the designing process.

After making your selection, continue scrolling down to the next step.