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Filling Types

Foam Filling Material
Densified Fiber Filling Material
Reticulated / Quick Dry Filling Material


Cushion Pros uses environmentally friendly foam. This is our standard filling for indoor cushions; it is not recommended for outdoor use due to its retention of water.


This selection is the industry standard for outdoor cushions. Water will easily drain from your cushion, which prevents mildew and bacteria growth. This makes it the perfect filler material for your outdoor custom cushions. Densified fiber filling is also well-suited for indoor cushions.

Densified fiber is a special blend of poly fibers that melts at different temperatures. The poly-fiber blend is layered into a slab with fibers that melt at a lower temperature layered against fibers that melt at a higher temperature.

The whole slab is then compressed and baked in an oven until the fibers are fused together. This creates a firm surface that can be cut to any size.

The poly fibers repel water, which makes this an ideal filler for outdoor custom cushions. Cushion Pros has been using densified fiber for years with excellent results and hundreds of satisfied customers. 


Reticulated filling material is our premium-grade option. This material is a porous, low-density solid foam. We recommend reticulated filling material for outdoor use due to water passing through it with ease. This fill type always comes wrapped in batting to add comfort to your custom cushion.


All of the filling material used will have a 1.75-1.85 density. It is an important indicator of filling performance with regard to comfort, support, and durability. It is also an indicator of the relative economics of the filling. Filling density is not weight; it’s actually a measurement of mass per unit volume for a cubic foot of filling.


All of the filling that is used is a 21-29 lb firmness or IFD depending on thickness. The higher the number, the firmer the filling will feel.

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