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Welcome to Cushion Pros, where our heritage of textile excellence shapes every custom ottoman cushion we create. As a proud division of American Mills Inc., our journey spans over 80 years, rooted in the historic town of Griffin, Georgia. We’re not just a business; we’re a story of resilience, innovation, and family legacy, now in our 4th generation.

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Our Heritage: Crafting with Passion and Precision

Cushion Pros was born from a rich history that began with American Throwing Company, founded in 1938 by Robert Paine Shapard, Sr. Our initial foray into transforming raw silk into yarn laid the foundation for a legacy of textile mastery. This expertise was further honed through our pivotal role in World War II, where we produced crucial materials for the war effort, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to quality under pressure.

Exclusive Custom Ottoman Cushions

In the post-war era, as American Mills Inc., we expanded our horizons into manufacturing a diverse range of textile products, including the soft furnishings that would pave the way for Cushion Pros. Launched in 2012 by Bill and Alisa Shapard, Cushion Pros is a testament to our enduring dedication to textile excellence, now focused entirely on crafting high-quality cushions and pillows in the USA.

Our Custom Ottoman Cushions: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Each custom ottoman cushion we produce is a piece of our history, a narrative woven into fabric and thread. Our 120,000-square-foot facility in Griffin, Georgia, is where tradition meets technology, and over 50 skilled professionals work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Cushion Pros?

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Design your own right here!

Choosing Cushion Pros means more than just acquiring a custom ottoman cushion; it’s about owning a piece of history, crafted with the passion and precision passed down through generations. Our commitment to excellence, which saw us through the challenges of war and the evolution of the textile industry, is the same commitment we bring to creating your custom cushion.

Join Our Story

Embrace the comfort and craftsmanship of Cushion Pros. Contact us to start your journey towards a more stylish and historically rich living space. Each cushion is not just a product; it’s a part of our family’s legacy, crafted to add beauty and comfort to your home or business.

Explore our wide range of custom cushion options, perfect for enhancing your indoor and outdoor spaces. With custom sizes available, find the ideal seat cushion for any setting. Our indoor cushions offer cozy comfort, while our outdoor cushions, made from high-quality outdoor fabrics, are perfect for patio use.

Upgrade your living space with a custom ottoman tailored to fit your style, or rejuvenate an existing piece with our ottoman replacement cushion. Our comfort cushions, filled with soft and supportive fiber fill, are designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor ottoman or something for your outdoor patio, our vast fabric choices cater to every taste. Simply edit your preferences and add them to your cart, and enjoy the luxury of custom comfort in your home.

At CushionPros, our custom cushions and custom ottomans are not only high quality, but each piece is meticulously crafted where cushions are designed to meet your exact specifications, featuring premium foam cushions for optimal comfort and a wide range of fabric choices to perfectly complement your indoor ottoman and decor.