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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to care for your beloved Sunbrella Fabric custom cushions and pillows! Get ready to dive into the world of easy maintenance, vibrant colors, and long-lasting durability. Whether you’re a seasoned Sunbrella enthusiast or new to the game, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to keep your outdoor oasis looking fresh and inviting year-round. So grab a cozy seat, and let’s embark on this care journey together! #SunbrellaCareGuide #OutdoorLiving

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How to Care for Your Sunbrella Fabric Custom Cushions and Pillows: A Complete Guide

Discover Sunbrella® Fabric: Crafted from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic yarns, Sunbrella® fabrics boast vibrant colors and unparalleled durability. Solution-dying ensures colors remain vivid and vibrant, making cleaning a breeze and extending the fabric’s lifespan.

Combat Mold and Mildew: While Sunbrella® fabrics naturally resist mildew, regular cleanings are crucial to prevent dirt buildup that can foster mildew growth. Keep your fabrics looking fresh by hosing them off monthly with clear water. Remember, a dry environment requires less frequent cleaning compared to humid areas with heavy foliage.

Essential Cleaning Tips: To maintain your Sunbrella® fabrics’ pristine appearance, follow these basic cleaning steps:

Deep Cleaning Guide: When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, Sunbrella® fabrics can be cleaned while still in use, whether on cushions, awnings, or boat upholstery. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Brush off any loose dirt.
  2. Hose down the fabric.
  3. Create a cleaning mixture using mild, natural soap and water.
  4. Gently scrub the fabric with a soft bristle brush.
  5. Allow the soap to penetrate the fabric.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  7. Air dry your cushions and pillows.

Tackling Stubborn Stains: For tough stains like mildew, roof run-off, or similar blemishes, a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture can be effective. Remember to protect surrounding areas from the bleach solution.

Fabric Re-Treatment: After thorough cleaning or every five years of use, it’s time to replenish the water-repellent finish on your Sunbrella® fabrics. We recommend using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard™ for optimal results. Consult your local Sunbrella® dealer or distributor for more information.

Professional Cleaning Services: If you prefer, you can enlist the help of professional cleaning firms specializing in awning maintenance. Ensure they have experience with Sunbrella® fabrics and understand the unique cleaning and retreatment requirements.

Stain Cleaning Chart: Refer to our handy stain cleaning chart for recommended cleaning methods tailored to common stains encountered on Sunbrella® fabrics. From spilled coffee to stubborn ink stains, we’ve got you covered.

BEERliquid detergent, white vinegar
BERRYliquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water)
BLOOD (DRIED)detergent / ammonia (3-6% water)
BUTTERvolatile solvent (acetone)
CHARCOAL, PENCIL MARKSvacuum, then liquid detergent
CATSUP OR MUSTARDliquid detergent
CHEWING GUMvolatile solvent (acetone)
CHOCOLATEliquid detergent, ammonia water
COFFEEdetergent, white vinegar, volatile solvent (acetone)
COLAliquid detergent
CRAYONpaint, oil or grease remover
EGG (RAW)liquid detergent
GRAPE JUICEliquid detergent
GRAVYliquid detergent
GREASE (CAR)volatile solvent (acetone)
INK (PERMANENT, INDIA,BALLPOINT)paint remover, volatile solvent (acetone), detergent
IRON RUSToxalic or citrus acids, water
LIPSTICKpaint, oil or grease remover
MASCARApaint remover, volatile solvent (acetone), detergent, water
MILDEW1 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of water
MILKliquid detergent
NAIL POLISHvolatile solvent (acetone)
OILvolatile solvent (acetone)
ORANGE DRINKliquid detergent, water
PAINT (LATEX) WETliquid detergent, water
PAINT (LATEX) DRIEDpaint, oil or grease remover
PAINT (OIL OR LACQUER)paint, oil or grease remover
SHOE POLISH (LIQUID)volatile solvent (acetone)
SHOE POLISH (WAX)apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone)
SUNTAN LOTIONPine Power® or pine oil detergent
TEAliquid detergent
TOMATO JUICEliquid detergent
TREE SAPturpentine, liquid detergent
URINEliquid detergent, white vinegar
VOMITdetergent, water, white vinegar
WATER COLORliquid detergent, water, white vinegar
WAX (CANDLE)apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone)
WINEliquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water), white vinegar

Keep your Sunbrella® fabric cushions and pillows looking fresh and vibrant with these expert care tips!