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Crafting Custom-Made Cushions at Designing Comfort, Creating Style

At, we believe that every piece of furniture deserves a personalized touch, and what better way to achieve it than with our custom-made cushions crafted according to your unique preferences. Our online cushion designer empowers you to bring your vision to life, allowing you to create the perfect cushions for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

What is Bespoke Comfort?

“Bespoke comfort” refers to a level of personalized and tailor-made comfort that is uniquely crafted to meet individual preferences and needs. The term “bespoke” originates from the world of tailoring, where bespoke suits or clothing are made to fit a specific individual’s measurements and style preferences.

When applied to comfort, especially in the context of furniture, bedding, or any product designed for relaxation, bespoke comfort means that the experience is customized to suit the particular desires and requirements of the user.

Bespoke comfort encompasses the flexibility to customize various aspects of a product. This includes tailoring features to meet specific preferences, such as adjusting the firmness or softness of a mattress, selecting the filling for a cushion, or determining the reclining options in a chair.

In addition, personalized material choices play a key role. Users can select materials based on their individual preferences, whether it’s choosing the fabric for upholstery, determining the texture of bedding, or specifying the composition of a pillow.

Tailored measurements are another aspect of bespoke comfort, involving the design of products to align with an individual’s specific measurements or to fit seamlessly into the dimensions of a particular space. This is particularly evident in custom furniture, where pieces are meticulously crafted to suit the unique layout of a room.

Beyond the physical comfort elements, bespoke comfort extends to the visual appeal of a product. Users are given the opportunity to make choices regarding colors, patterns, and design elements, allowing them to create a product that resonates with their personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Looking for crafting cushions and personalized comfort for your home or office, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, patios, gardens? Here is your inspiration and one stop shop for everything custom cushion design! Gallery showcasing our amazingly comfortable pillows and cushions, custom-made for our clients!

At, we take pride in offering an unparalleled level of bespoke comfort to all our clients. Recognizing that individual preferences for comfort vary widely, we provide a unique and personalized experience for each customer. Our commitment to customization goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to tailor specific features of your chosen product—whether it’s adjusting the firmness of a mattress, selecting the perfect filling for a cushion, or deciding on the reclining options in a chair. With a vast array of materials at your disposal, you can handpick fabrics for upholstery, choose the texture of bedding, and even specify the composition of your ideal pillow.

Tailored measurements ensure a perfect fit, whether it’s aligning with your individual proportions or seamlessly fitting into the dimensions of a particular space. Beyond physical comfort, our bespoke approach extends to the visual realm, giving you the freedom to choose colors, patterns, and design elements that harmonize with your unique style. At, your comfort is not just a preference; it’s a personalized experience crafted exclusively for you.

How to Design Your Own Cushion: A Seamless Process

Navigating our website is a breeze, and the heart of the customization journey lies in our user-friendly online cushion designer. Here’s a glimpse into the steps you can take to create your dream cushion:

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  1. Choose Your Pillow Type:
    • Filling Only
    • Custom Template
    • Bench / Window Seat
    • Bench / Window Back
    • Bolster Pillow
    • Chair with No Back
    • Bed Cushion
    • Ottoman
    • Chair
    • Loveseat
    • Sofa
    • Chaise
    • Toss Pillow
    • Lumbar Pillow
  2. Select the Shape and Dimensions: Tailor your cushion to fit your furniture perfectly by specifying the shape and dimensions.
  3. Pick Your Fabric: Dive into a vast selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Order swatches to feel and see the materials firsthand, ensuring your choice aligns with your vision.
  4. Choose the Style: Decide on the construction style that suits your aesthetic:
    • No Welting / Box Edge
    • Box Edge
    • Double Corded
  5. Fasteners: Customization extends to the finishing touches. Select from:
    • None
    • Snaps
    • Ties
    • Velcro
  6. Select Your Filling Material: Opt for the perfect filling to meet your comfort needs:
    • Foam Filling Material: Ideal for indoor cushions, not recommended for outdoor use.
    • Densified Fiber Filling Material: Industry standard for outdoor cushions, preventing mildew and bacteria growth.
    • Wrapped Reticulated Filling Material: Premium-grade option for outdoor use, allowing water to pass through easily.
  7. Cushion Cover Only: If you’re looking for cushion covers only, we’ve got you covered. Hand-sewn with zippers for easy swapping, these covers provide a versatile option.

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Ordering Cushions Made Simple: Local Pickup or Expedited Shipping

Once you’ve designed your custom cushion, the ordering process is just as straightforward. Choose local pickup from our facility in Griffin, GA, or opt for expedited shipping across continental US, Canada, and Mexico. Complete your transaction effortlessly using Authorize.Net or PayPal Checkout.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

At, we understand that creating the perfect cushion involves more than just design. Our customer service team is ready to provide personalized advice and guidance, ensuring your experience is easy, enjoyable, and results in a custom-made cushion that exceeds your expectations.

Customer Service Telephone Support:
(866) 554-0804

7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Revitalize your furniture with cushions that reflect your style and comfort preferences. Start crafting your custom cushions at today!