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Fabric swatches are small square cuts of fabric taken from the same bolt of material as the custom cushions and pillows you’re considering. They’re a great way to decide on the perfect cushions and pillows for your home by demonstrating the color, texture, and pattern of the fabric, in real life. They also allow you to feel the softness and determine the quality up close. Requesting fabric swatches ahead of time can add confidence to your purchase decision. By seeing first-hand how the custom cushions and pillows look, fabric swatches eliminate any future surprises, ensuring the material fits well with your home’s existing furniture and decor. Also, you will be sure of the touch and feel of the fabric, that the investment is worth it, over time.

How to Get Fabric Swatches

You can access our page FABRICS FOR CUSTOM CUSHIONS, use the filters to narrow your search according to brand, colors, materials, or patterns. Another way to go is to order our recommended Swatch Packs for cushions and pillows. These packs are carefully curated by our designers and experienced custom cushions craftsmen from the Cushion Pros Team and are made according to color pallets, brands of fabrics.

set of fabric swatch samples texture

How to Use Fabric Swatches

Once you have your fabric swatches, there are several ways to utilize them. First, if you’ve ordered multiple swatches, it’s time to narrow down your selection. Then, when you have your top picks, you can see how the fabric swatches work with the colors and textures in your home.

If you’re still designing your space, add your fabric swatches to a mood board to get a feel for the overall look. If your space has already been designed and you’re adding new custom cushions and pillows, drape the swatches over your furniture and see how they look and feel.

Leave the fabric swatches out for a while and check in on them at different times of the day to see how lighting might impact the fabric’s color. For example, does the material look fantastic in the golden morning light but dull throughout the rest of the day? Gathering this information can help you with your choice and ensure you’re finding the perfect custom cushions and pillows for your home.

How to Create a Fabric Swatch Book

A fabric swatch book doesn’t have to be fancy. It can instead be quite straightforward. All you need to do is attach the swatches (via tape, pins, paperclips, or staples) to a piece of paper and write down the details next to the fabric.

You can include any information on your swatch pages that makes sense to you and your decision-making process.

Ordering fabric swatches is an essential step in the process of selecting the perfect custom cushions and pillows for your home. These small cuts of fabric provide a tangible representation of the color, texture, and pattern of the material, allowing you to make a confident decision about your purchase. By requesting fabric swatches ahead of time, you can eliminate any surprises and ensure that the fabric aligns with your existing furniture and decor.